Zecong Hu

about me

Zecong Hu (Chinese: 胡泽聪)



Awards & Honors:

  • Outstanding Graduate Award @ Tsinghua University, 2018
  • Gold medalist @ ACM/ICPC 2014 Asia Regionals
  • Gold medalist @ NOI 2013 (Chinese Olympiad in Informatics)


  • Texar-PyTorch: An open-source toolkit for machine learning and text generation.
  • MercuryJson: Super-fast JSON parsing with SIMD and multi-threading.
  • argtyped: Command line argument parser, with types.

about this blog

  • diaries about my life in college (in Chinese)
  • tech blogs & research notes
  • 天下大计: a text adventure game dedicated to CST4, best viewed on mobile